Department of History


Department of History

About Department of History - Aligarh Muslim University


Department of History is one of AMU’s biggest department. Since the inception of M.A.O College, the emphasis on teaching History was a priority. The Department of History, AMU has been upgraded to Centre of Advanced Study in the year of 1968 by the UGC (University Grants Commission). The department has a separate building adjacent to the Faculty of Arts.


The Department of History offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses. The major areas of focus in the Department of History, AMU are:


1. Sources of History, Persian, Indigenous and Non-Indian etc.

2. Cultural, Social and Economical History

3. History of Science and Technology

4. Regional Studies

5. Central Asia Studies

6. Military History


Courses offered by Department of History


B.A (History)                                       - 40 seats


M.A (History)                                      - 40 seats (Boys & Girls Both)


P.hD (History)                                     -  As per requirement and government norms



Faculty Members of Department of History


Prof. Ali Athar - Professor and Chairman


Prof. Tariq Ahmed - Professor


Prof. Fatima Z. Bilgrami - Professor


Prof. Mohammad Afzal Khan - Professor


Prof. Ishrat Alam - Professor


Prof. Mohammad Parwez - Professor


Dr. Roohi Abida Ahmed - Associate Professor


Dr. Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi - Associate Professor


Mr. Mohammed Khaiser Zama - Associate Professor


Dr. Jawaid Akhtar - Associate Professor


Dr. Gulfishan Khan - Associate Professor


Dr. Sumbul Halim Khan - Associate Professor


Dr. Jaya Menon - Associate Professor


Dr. Ruquia Hussain - Associate Professor


Dr. Manvendra Kumar Pundhir - Associate Professor


Dr. Syed Jabir Raza - Associate Professor


Dr. S. Chandni Bi - Associate Professor


Dr. M.Waseem Raja - Associate Professor


Dr. Mohammad Sajjad - Associate Professor


Dr. Hassan Imam - Assistant Professor


Dr. Rashmi Upadhyaya - Assistant Professor


Dr. Parwez Nazir - Assistant Professor


Dr. Tahmeena Javid - Assistant Professor


Dr. Shadab Bano - Assistant Professor


Dr. Syed Bashir Hasan - Assistant Professor


Dr. Reyaz A. Khan - Assistant Professor


Dr. Amir Ahmad - Assistant Professor


Dr. Aneesa Iqbal Sabir - Assistant Professor


Dr. O.P. Srivastav - Assistant Professor


Dr. Jibraeil - Assistant Professor


Dr. Syed Ali Kazim - Assistant Professor


Dr. Arshia Shafqat (WC) - Assistant Professor


Dr. Farah Saif Abidin (WC) - Assistant Professor