Department of Political Science


About Department of Political Science - Aligarh Muslim University


Formerly called Department of History and Politics in Pre-Independence era. The Political Science Department was established just after the independence in 1948. Since then the Political Science department has produced number of notable Teachers, Researchers and International Relations expert.


Political Science Department, Aligarh Muslim University also publishes Indian Journal of Politics since 1967. The thrust or focus areas of study are Political Thought, Political Theory, International Relations, Public Administration, Human Rights, Strategic Studies, Indian Government and Politics, Political Behaviour, Election Studies, Area Studies, International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Comparative Politics.


The department of Political Science, AMU offers postgraduate and research courses in three main fields i.e. Political Science, Human Rights and Public Administration. While the bachelor or undergraduate course is confined only to Political Science.


Courses offered by Department of Political Science


B.A (Hons)  - 100 seats (Boys), 50 seats (Girls)


M.A (Political Science) - 40 seats (Common for Boys and Girls)


M.A (Human Rights) - 15 seats (Common for Boys and Girls)


M.A (Public Administration) - 20 seats (Common for Boys and Girls)


Phd (Political Science) -   As per requirement and Govt norms.


Phd (Human Rights) -  As per requirement and Govt norms.


Phd (Public Administration) -  As per requirement and Govt norms.


For all the courses offered by the Political Science Department, AMU there is a competitive test.


Faculty Members of Department of Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University


Prof. Mirza Asmer Beg - Professor and Chairman

Prof. Abdulrahim P. Vijapur - Professor

Prof. Mohammad Abid - Professor

Prof. S. Waseem Ahmad - Professor

Dr. Mohd. Nafees Ahmad Ansari - Professor

Prof. Arshi Khan - Professor

Prof. Iftekhar Ahmad - Professor

Prof. Aftab Alam - Professor

Dr. Iqbalur Rehman - Associate Professor

Dr. Upendra Choudhury - Associate Professor

Dr. Farhana Kausar - Associate Professor

Dr. Rachna Kaushal - Associate Professor

Dr. Mohammad Mohibul Haque - Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohammad Naseem Khan - Assistant Professor

Dr. Khurram - Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohd. Aftab Alam - Assistant Professor

Dr. Irfan-ul-Haq - Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohammad Aslam - Assistant Professor

Dr. Md. Rahat Hasan - Assistant Professor

Dr. Naghma Farooqui - Assistant Professor