Department of Psychology


About Department of Psychology - Aligarh Muslim University


Psychology is been taught in Aligarh Muslim University since early 20th century. Then it was taught under the Department of Philosophy. Under the guidance of Prof. Anwar Ansari an independent Department of Psychology was formed in mid-1960s. Gradually department made progress in various fields of Psychology. And is now today one of the important departments of AMU. Department of Psychology offers full-time courses at under-graduate, graduate, and Research levels.



Courses offered by Department of Psychology


B.A (Bachelor of Psychology)             - 35 seats (Boys)


M.A (Master of Psychology)               - 40 seats (Girls and Boys both)


PhD (Psychology)                               -  As per requirement and Govt norms.   


Faculty Members of Department of Psychology


Prof. (HAFIZ) M. Ilyas Khan - Professor and Chairman

Prof. Shamim Ahmad Ansari - Professor

Prof. Akbar Husain - Professor

Prof. Mahmood Subuktageen Khan - Professor

Prof. Naheed Nizami - Professor

Prof. Asiya Aijaz - Professor

Dr. Kr. Sajid Ali Khan - Associate Professor

Dr. Shah Mohd Khan - Associate Professor

Dr. Nasheed Imtiaz - Assistant Professor

Dr. (Mrs.) S. Reshma Jamal - Assistant Professor

Dr. Salma Kaneez - Assistant Professor

Dr. Mahvish Fatima -Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohammad Akram - Others