AMU Prof Delivers Talks On International Relations and Strategic Perspectives

  • Posted on: 6 October 2017
  • By: asif.mulla
Maj Gen GG Dwivedi With Other Delegates

Maj Gen (Dr) G G Dwivedi, Prof ‘Faculty of International Studies’ Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), has recently delivered two talks.

Speaking at ‘Centre for India China Studies’ Global Jindal University, Prof Dwivedi delved on “India-China Relations: Strategic Perspectives”. Recalling the old adage, “You can choose friends but not neighbours”, he highlighted that geography will continue to impact the destinies of two nations, while the boundary dispute may be attributable to historic ambiguities, divergent national interests and overlapping strategic objectives. The challenge therefore, is to manage the differences and avoid falling into Thucydides Trap.  Countries will have to make an earnest effort to address the prevailing situation. Strategic equilibrium is an essential pre requisite for peace and stability, summed up Dr Dwivedi.

At the “Indian Society of International Law”, Gen spoke on “Doklam-Strategic and Legal Dimensions”. The Professor also apprised the audience about salient agreements pertaining to border dispute namely; Convention between Great Britain and China -1890, Shimla Accord-1914, Panchsheel-1954, Peace and Tranquillity Agreement- 1993 and Border Defence Agreement -2013.

Prof Dwivedi highlighted that China is selective in honouring agreements. He substantiated this point by underscoring Beijing’s recent refusal to accept the verdict of International Tribunal on the ‘South China Sea’ dispute, which had gone in favour of the Philippines

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