AMU Professor Delivers Lecture At Boston University, USA

  • Posted on: 15 June 2015
  • By: asif.mulla
AMU Professor Delivers Lecture At Boston University, USA

Maj Gen (retd) Prof G G Dwivedi, Faculty of International Studies, Aligarh Muslim University delivered a talk at Boston University (BU), USA on “Global Scan-Emerging Architecture”. Prof. Dwivedi is currently on a visit to USA.

Introducing the subject, Prof Dwivedi highlighted that the architecture of the globe has continuously evolved; from the tribal to the civilizations age, thereon transforming into the era of colonial empires and lately adopting the concept of nation states.  For better part of the last century, the globe stood divided on the ideological lines - bipolar in character, ending with the unipolar world.

Prof. Dwivedi asserted that currently, we were in the midst of globalized environment, marked by the emergence of multi power centres, characterized by inter dependency. He said that technology being the game changer; time and space stand telescoped. There is a visible shift in the ‘Centre of Gravity’ from the West to the East, in the wake of the fast pace of economic growth in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Regions.

Even the definition of security has undergone a paradigm change, with low intensity threats in the form of terrorism overriding the conventional concept of territorial integrity, said Prof. Dwivedi. He added that internal and external dimensions of security have become mutually inclusive. It is the ‘Balance of interest,’ and not the ‘Balance of Power’, which drives the national strategy, with smart power being the tool.

In his concluding remarks, Prof Dwivedi reiterated that 21st century will be the ‘Century of knowledge’. Human resource capital will be the cutting edge, wherein ‘multi skilling’ will be the norm. In the intensely competitive environment, only the best will survive, he claimed.

The talk entailed an interactive session. Prof Edward Downes from the Department of Communications, Boston University, moderated the event.

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