Dr Jibraeils book releases during 32nd Session of Rajasthan History Congress

  • Posted on: 4 February 2018
  • By: asif.mulla
Dr Jibraeils book releases during 32nd Session of Rajasthan History Congress
Economy and Demographic Profile of Urban Rajasthan (Eighteenth-Nineteenth Centuries)’ authored by Dr Jibraeil (Assistant Professor, Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University—AMU) was released in the inaugural function of ‘32nd Session of Rajasthan History Congress’ at Jaipur.  
This book provides a comprehensive account based on original sources of Rajasthan’s demography and growth of urban centres during the 18th and 19th centuries.   
In the book, Dr Jibraeil carefully examines the factors for the growth of agrarian markets in Arthsattas, Toji-do-Varikhi-Baje-Talke, Sava Amber (Jaipur), Hadauti (Kota), Bikaner and Marwar (Jodhpur).   
Since, the direct data on population count before 1881 is elusive; the author has used house-count and records of various kinds of taxes such as Kholari, Jhumpari and Dhuan while calculating the population of different urban centres. Dr Jibraeil has used available evidences to show how some of these markets of historical Rajasthan gradually earned the status of towns.
The book throws light on the presence of artisans, menial castes, professional groups through maps and graphs. Dr Jibraeil’s book has details of areas witnessing industrial growth in the corresponding period and the decline in industrial and urban sectors during the second half of the 19th century while substantiating the theory of ‘de-urbanization and de-industrialization.’
This study also points out how higher receipts from Sair-Jihat (Non-Agrarian taxes) in various areas of Rajasthan, worked in the evolution of agrarian markets into Qasbas. 
Dr Jibraeil has used various methods for working out the urban population of the pre-census period, the comparison with that of the census-count and calculating the decline in it. The volume is a compulsory read for students, teachers, and scholars of agrarian history of Rajasthan during the colonial period. It will be of great help to researchers, working on various trade routes, commodities and agricultural production in Rajasthan.
‘Economy and Demographic Profile of Urban Rajasthan (Eighteenth-Nineteenth Centuries)’ is a Manohar Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi publication.
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