Hall Magazine Released

  • Posted on: 31 May 2013
  • By: Tarique Khan
Hall Magazine Released

 “A deep sense of respect to medical ethics, discipline and a will to develop one’s skill are the most important components of a successful doctor”, said Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, Vice Chancellor while releasing the Sada-e-Hadi, Annual Hall Magazine of Hadi Hasan Hall, Aligarh Muslim University.

Gen. Shah said that he had great respect to medical profession and medical students are the pride of Aligarh Muslim University. He urged the doctors to work like Army doctors who did not care for their safety during war times when they were on war sites for treatment of wounded people.

Gen. Shah said that he was committed to solve the problems faced by the Aligarh Muslim University and he was trying to get more funds from different sources for this institution.

Vice Chancellor said that he was not in favour of taking punitive actions but he made it clear that disrespect to teacher, financial bungling and misbehave with women would not be tolerated at any cost. He assured the students that a Cath Lab will be established at JN Medical College very soon.

Prof. Shahab F. Hashmi, Provost of the Hall said the bringing out a Magazine reflects the incredible intellect of the students, their creative and academic potential and the spark of brilliance and diligence in expression of their views and thoughts. Prof. Hashmi said that the present Vice Chancellor have done a lot towards improving the residential condition of the Halls of residence.

Dr. M. Salman Shah, Censor and Warden Incharge, highlighted the importance of extracurricular activities in student life.

Mr. Mohd. Ashfaque, Editor in Chief, said that the Hall magazines provided a platform to the students to showcase their literary talent and creative skills. He said that the current issue of Sada-e-Hadi is aimed at satiating the intellectual appetite of students amidst hurly-burly routine of their studies and daily affairs.

Mr. Inamul Fasih, Managing Editor conducted the programme. On the occasion Prof. Anis Ismail, Dean, Student Welfare, Prof. Syed Abrar Hasan, Prof. MH Beg, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Prof. RK Tiwari, Principal, Dental College and wardens of the hall were also present.

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