National Conference on Laparoscopic Surgery Inaugurated at Department of Jarahat (Surgery) AMU

  • Posted on: 21 January 2012
  • By: abdullah
National Conference on Laparoscopic Surgery Inaugurated at Department of Jarahat (Surgery) AMU

Inaugurating the two day National Conference on Laparoscopic Surgery held by the Department of Jarahat (Surgery), A. K. Tibbiya College, Aligarh Muslim University, the Chief Guest Dr. M. Khalid Siddiqui, former Director of Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM) and distinguished Unani expert, pointed out that many countries of Europe have adopted Unani surgery system and it is being developed within India also through research and modern principles.

Dr. Siddiqui said that Leech Therapy, Cupping for the treatment of wounds and deformations have been adopted by European countries while Unani Medicine system has been practicing these methods since early days. He said that no system could be monopolized by any group. He urged the Unani physicians to work hard on developing medicine for the septic after operations. Dr. Siddiqui said that efforts should be made to acquire permission for operations by MS degree holders of Unani colleges and AMU should take an initiative in this direction.

Prof. Anis Ismail, Chairman Department of Jarahat and Chairman Organizing Committee said that India has become a preferred destination on medical tourism map with thousands of international patients across the globe visiting India for various medical treatments as it offers outstanding medical services that are 60 to 80 percent less expensive as compared to the prevailing rates in other western countries. He exclaimed that the indigenous medical systems had distanced themselves from surgery, although the fundamentals of surgery were provided by these systems.

Prof. Shagufta Aleem, Dean Faculty of Unani Meidicne said that the Unani Medicine has attained greater importance in the context of primary health care and other areas of health management. She urged that the research and development in the field of Unani Medicine including Jarahat had to be redefined to directly contribute towards health care and wellness of the people at large.

Prof. Iqbal Aziz, Secretary Organizing Committee said that the Department of Jarahat, A. K. Tibbiya College is a unique centre in India where interactive teaching of Surgery is imparted to the Unani scholars, so that they may adopt the principles of surgery laid by Sushustra and Zohravi and practice their profession with ethics.

Prof. Aziz said that Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicine are prevalent from thousands of years and are still popular for the common medical problems in India and other Asian countries as integrated or alternative Medicine.

Prof. Saud Ali Khan, Principal, A.K. Tibbiya College proposed the vote of thanks and Dr. F. S. Shirani conducted the programme. More than 100 delegates fro all over the country are attending the two-day conference.

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the unani physician can perform surgery and can easily handle the emergency case _but the problem is that the infrastructure is not available, the syallubus of ccim is more as compared to MCI. and only 2seats are filled for M.S unani all over india.
no. 2 nd is the unavailability of hospitals and staff mainly in graduation.
no.3rd is there are limited p.g courses may be 5-6 and a lot. of competition. we should not be disappointed as unani is mother of medical science for which we should have proud, we should go for research and prove our system scientifically ....
the ccim should focus on system and should provide all facilities to students which are provided by mci. lost them know what we are.
bhatt sabzar hamid _ university of Kashmir bums pre final ..