Prof Lelyveld and Justice Siddiqui To Be Felicitated with Sir Syed Excellence Awards

  • Posted on: 25 September 2017
  • By: asif.mulla
Prof Lelyveld and Justice Siddiqui To Be Felicitated with Sir Syed Excellence Awards

Noted scholar and author of ‘Aligarh’s First Generation: Muslim Solidarity in British India’ (1975/1996), Prof David Lelyveld and Justice M S A Siddiqui (Former Chairperson, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions of India-NCMEI) will be felicitated with the ‘Sir Syed Excellence Awards’ during the Sir Syed Bicentenary Celebrations on October 17, 2017 by Aligarh Muslim University.

While Prof Lelyveld will receive the award in the International category, Justice Siddiqui will be awarded in the National category. The awards have been announced on the recommendation of a Jury.

Prof Lelyveld has researched extensively on various themes of colonial India. He has also authored Disenchantment at Aligarh: Islam and the Realm of the Secular in Late Nineteenth Century India, Swaraj Bhavan and Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Young Man Sayyid: Dreams and Biographical Texts, The Qutb Minar in Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s Asar us-sanadid, Sauda Sulaf: Urdu in the Two Versions of Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s Asar us-sanadid, Sir Sayyid's public sphere: Urdu print and oratory in nineteenth century India, Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s account of the Uprising in Bijnor and Zuban-e Urdu-e Mu‘alla and the Idol of Linguistic Origins among other publications. Prof Leyveld is married to internationally acclaimed poet, scholar and writer, Meena Alexander.

Justice Siddiqui has been working on to promote cordial social relations among different minority communities in India. As, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, he has been one of the most powerful voices active in the arena of restoring the faith of the people in the values of real secularism enshrined in the constitution of India. Justice Siddiqui started his career as an advocate in the Gwalior bench of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh and went on to work as the Special Secretary, Law Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh and many other respectable positions in the practice of law and judicial sciences. He has also served as the Registrar General of the Supreme Court of India in 1992 and as the Chairman of the Railway Claims Tribunal in 2004.

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