Why Register?

One would always think that since My AMU is an open website, where everyone can logon anonymously and enjoy surfing it, then why on earth there arises a need to register on My AMU and login everytime he or she visits?

Here is the answer that would elaborate you the needs and benefits of visiting My AMU as a registered user.

  1. Better & Faster Experience : There are certain optimization features that would be activated only when you login as a registered user thus providing you with an even better and faster surfing experience.
  2. Interact with Others : Once you login, you'd be able to know and interact with the other Aligs that are also logged in at that time. This would provide you with a wider opportunity to socialize.
  3. Advanced Search Options : As a registered user you can use Advanced Searching Options, thus saving your time to find out exactly what you are looking for on the website.
  4. Access Exclusive Features : At My AMU there are several features that are exclusive for registered members and are nont available publicly. Threse fetures include (but not limited to)
    - AMU Matrimonials
    - AMU Job Postings
    - AMU SMS Service (starting soon)
  5. Contribute : As a registered member you can utilize your talents and knowledge to be shared with the entire Alig community in particular and the world in general. You can submit News, Articles, Job Info or Matrimonial proposals right there from the website.
  6. Be Visible : As a logged in user, you make yourself identifiable and visible to the other members.

There might be tonnes of other benefits that are not listed here.

So you are requested to be a responsible Alig, register now.

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