Zakir Hussain College of Engineering And Technology

Vivid perception, clarity in ideas, high motivating enshrined ambitions, and a visionary mind with non conflicting zones of aspirations, ambition and candid earnest endeavours……

A student leaves the portals of ZHCET with not just a mere degree in hand, but with credibility in personality, great academic intelligentsia and with culture, tolerance tradition, modesty and wisdom inadvertently added up to his credentials.

An indispensable part of A.M.U., a leviathan campus which has placed knowledge at its pulpit; ZHCET, unfortunately sometimes is heard to be an educational backwater. This is nothing but a false dissemination of a paranoid society…ZHCET is indeed developing at a proliferated rate, it is honored to be among the top seven institutes in India to be nominated for the up gradation process to IIT level, which is surging in the right direction with many new technically advanced projects in pipeline like setting up of the college server, video conferencing etc…

Prestigious Companies visiting the campus in a cavalcade is ensuring the savour of placements suffuse through everyone. The alumni community at eminent positions, stretching across the globe has evidenced knowledge transcending its own ambit.

It is a proud owner of one of the world’s largest and highly acclaimed libraries, the Maulana Azad Library, highly equipped labs, best faculties with qualified and experienced teachers or rather connoisseurs of academia, with fathomless insight of their subject who have won accolades in various national and international seminars, selflessly encouraging, inspiring and instilling the students. A sine qua non of Z.H.C.E.T.

A veritable confluence of knowledge and talent in the form of its students seems evincing instinctively in the annual literary and cultural fest, sporting events and various inter and intra hall events and a multitude of similar events organized regularly.

‘Caveat emptor’ – meaning the buyer must take responsibility of the goods they are buying. Are you not responsible for the future you are choosing for yourself? 

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